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Getting Married in Malta

At B-Driven we attempt to take extra precaution that your wedding day is the best day of your life by making sure that they are appropriate for your wedding.

With this in mind, there are a few points you might want to consider before booking your wedding car.

Car Image

How big is the wedding dress?

How will the bride have her hair styled? (Not an obvious question, but a very high 'up' style may need extra headroom, while the hours spent with a hairdresser being crimped, colored, curled and pinned could be wasted in a open-top car on a windy day).

What color is the wedding dress/wedding color scheme? Consider if the color of your chosen vehicle will coordinate with these - particularly from a photographic point of view.

What weather conditions might occur around the time of your wedding? For a daytime wedding in summer do you want cars with air-conditioning? Will the romance of an open-top vehicle be lost in the middle of winter?

How many people will there be in the main wedding party? Finding out at the last minute that there you did not book enough wedding cars to fit in everybody, creates extra unnecessary stress and disgruntled friends and family.

Do additional cars need to be arranged from the reception?

Taking into consideration the above questions when booking your wedding cars will avoid you unnecessary hassle.